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What are the Limitations of the Free Version?

Although you can send bulk messages to people without even saving their numbers and also enjoy some privacy features, the WASender plugin has plenty of more things to offer.  

Here is a list of things you CANNOT DO WITH THE FREE VERSION.

  1. You can’t send any type of attachment to more than 3 WhatsApp users (PDF/video/audio/images/contacts).
  2. You cannot send customized messages using an excel sheet (CSV file).
  3. You can’t use WhatsApp Filter to filter all WhatsApp numbers in a database of numbers!
  4. You cannot extract phone numbers from a group.
  5. You can’t download delivery reports after sending messages.
  6. You cannot use the Play/Pause button to control the message queue at any time.
  7. You can’t set a random time gap between messages to avoid number blocking.

You can use all these features in the pro version of the WASender plugin. Buy here.

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Updated on September 30, 2021

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