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My Number Was Banned! Now What Can I Do?

great job getting banned/blocked

OK, so you sent a bunch of messages and now your WhatsApp number is banned!

number banned

What do you do now? Is there a way to get it unbanned?


But how?

(If you are curious about knowing how and why did your number got banned, click here)

If it is the first time that the number has been banned then you don’t have to worry too much! You can recover it easily.

Try to log in from that same number again, you will see an option to submit an appeal with WhatsApp. Click on submit an appeal and you will see a text box where you can type your message, type something like- “My number was banned by mistake please unban it ASAP“. Do this and the number will be unbanned within a period of 1 to 48 hours.

Make sure you don’t repeat this kind of spammy messaging activity from the same number again.

Because from the 2nd time onwards, there are chances that they will take around 45 to 60 days to unblock the number. Until then you cannot use WhatsApp on that number.

Updated on September 30, 2021

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